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Doreen Teoh, founder of Business on Wheels B. O. W. Is also affectionately known to her appears as The Iron Lady do toe, uncompromising ethics code and rigorous standards of perfection in running one of the most prestigious mobile truck companies in the country. Her passion for the booming mobile truck business has motivated Doreen Toe overcome many of the industry's challenges and old fashioned perception to establish a solid foundation in her niche of providing tailor made Japanese trucks to mobile business entrepreneurs and meeting transportation needs in the vast state of Sabha, Doreen customizes her services to address the demands and requirements of mobile businesses with her personal motto to provide wheels for every industry originating from the touristy state of Penang, she was raised by a single parent, and the hardships she endured drove her desire to excel and live a fulfilling life. Growing up in what some would call a strenuous environment, Doreen was always a full time brain juice provider for her own career path, with the determination to provide wheels for every industry embedded in her d. N A. She was destined to be a major presence in the logistics industry, which is considered peculiar among her acquaintances. Even till today,