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we set off this way in 1980. There was no road in the country yet we were carrying. They told us you cannot. We were carrying on with faith for this country. And the first day we said our way will not end. Every single morning we carry little a leaf to her great dream to be a doctor, For example, every evening we carry Monette to his love of grandchild. We carry the solidity responsibility of giant factories and new projects. These loads can be heavy for others. They may make things difficult, but as long as we have patriotism in our heart, we do not escape from the slopes and bends. With 850 personnel in Turkey and 5000 employees worldwide, with 6000 vehicles growing every day, we are working with passion and ambition. We carry 8600 people with have a bus seven days and 24 hours a day, not just in the country. We carry thousands of people abroad. With Metrobus, we organize cultural tours so that the world becomes smaller and people have broader perspectives. Moreover, we continue to grow with sound steps. We continue to carry our service quality to a wide area from Europe to Africa, airports, work machines, metro buses or cultural transport. We work like a clock never hindering in every field since 1980. Whatever our passion, even in the first kilometer, we carry Turkey to the future with the same power and desire the most reliable transport platform of growing turkey platform tourism.