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you've heard great things about omega three fish oils and their positive effects. But with so many fish oils out there, how do you know you're choosing the right one? It's all in the journey. For most fish oils, the journey begins in the South American Pacific, off the coast of Peru or Chile. Thousands of sardines and anchovies air taken from their habitat by large nets and trolling vessels. For every responsible fishermen, there are others who aren't. Their combined catch is processed into fishmeal for use and animal feed, fish farming and even fertilizer. While crude oil is separated as a manufacturing byproduct and set all the way to China and Norway or other countries to be processed, it then embarks on another voyage to reach encapsulate er's and manufacturers of branded products. This long journey means the fish oils can be in transit for 60 days, during which time a single shipping container generates as much pollution as 5800 cars. But neutral goals Fish oil journey is very different. It begins in the cold, clean waters of Alaska, where wild Alaska ******* livin thriving populations, they're caught by local fishermen who adhere to stringent fishing regulations. The catch is for laid to feed families coast to coast, while pure fish oil, rich in omega threes is rendered, is a waste free co product. Neutra Gold's Fish oil is sent from Alaska to Ohio to be refined and then to our facilities in Utah for bottling and distribution. That means our fish oils are sourced, manufactured, packaged and sold here in the U. S. A. And with a much smaller footprint than Peruvian sourced fish oils. Plus since neutral gold's fish oils air made from sustainable wild Alaska ******* there even certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, a globally recognized organization that's committed to ocean preservation.