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when you buy the new Samsung galaxy S. Five on Verizon, you get a second Samsung galaxy S five for free. So who are you going to give it to? Maybe your brother could use it to finally meet a girl. Maybe your roommate. A home means different things to different people in different places. It's a sanctuary starting point and wherever you call home, there's probably a Safeco agent nearby. He didn't do Pilates moisturize or drink pink cocktails. No, your dad drank whiskey cocktails made with Canadian club served in a rocks glass. Hi old dusty bank. There's no easy way to say this, but I don't think we should bank together anymore. You're breaking up with me. Well, as soon as colette through the cop, she realized her mistake, she could live without Sean Pierre, but that was her last cup of french vanilla cafe international coffees. He gives me this look and shows me another pad and I had to tell him this isn't even close to an airline pad or even a corn soup. I mean I can't work on that for every purchase, a bugs bunny vitamins through august 21st 50 cents will be donated to the hospital. During this commercial, I conducted a conference call in japan texted my grandma and downloaded an online video of baby penguin skateboarding, I'm ted frankel and I approve this network