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    Snob Voices

    The snob is a character who judges others by their wealth and status. The snob is discriminatory, showing a prejudice against people who are poor and less powerful. The snob character is often an elite member of society, who looks down on others. The snob character is often critical and bitter, and the snob character is very selfish. The snob character is accustomed to luxury, and boasts about his or her wealth, insisting he or she deserves the utmost respect solely on the status, power or money the snob has attained. The snob character usually has a smidge of smugness or disgust in his or her voice.

    The snob character may also have very high standards, avoiding people who do not meet those standards. A snob character may have unreasonable dating standards or expect too much from his or her friends. A snob character may also be judgemental in regard to the food someone enjoys, the music someone listens to, and the people someone hangs out with. The snob character always has a sense of superiority, and a belief his or her opinion is the right one.

    Snob characters can be seen in many forms of media, especially in movies or television shows focusing on the elite, such as monarchs, aristocrats and economic elites. Snob characters are also common in private school settings, in which rude, immature students judge others over the wealth of their families. Acting like an elitist and seeing your opinions as supreme, and speaking in such a manner, can help you put on the snob voice your character demands.