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Samsung 860 QVO SSD drive explainer video

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Friendly, sincere, knowledgable. This is me explaining a new kind of hard drive.

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computer hardware is constantly advancing faster processors. Faster ram, faster graphics cards. What about the hard drive? Most users air still relying on hard disk drives. A decades old technology, unlike the rest of your computer on H. D. D, is made of many moving parts, leading toe less speed and reliability. Even worse. Over time, files get scattered across the disc or fragmented. This leads to even slower read and write speeds. But there is another option. The solid state drive or SSD s. S D's. Use flash memory to store your files. Elektronik Lee, resulting in much faster read and write speeds. And because there's no moving parts, there's lower power consumption, heat, vibration, noise and, most importantly, less risk of failure. Ah, more reliable drive that keeps up with today's computer speeds. Introducing the Samsung 8 60 que vio the SSD that makes terabyte capacities accessible. Available in 12 and four terabytes. The 8 60 que Dios leading edge performance saves time in your everyday computing tasks like booting your computer, transferring files, even unzipping with the 8 60 que vio. Upgrading to an SSD is simple. If you're a laptop user, get the benefits of que vio by simply replacing your old HDD. Thanks to the upgrade, you'll also enjoy a lighter laptop with higher shock resistance and longer battery life. If you're using a low capacity SSD for your boot drive and an HDD for storage, the 8 60 que vio gives you the capacity of an H D D with the performance of an SST in a single drive.