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English speaking hair stylist that loves to talk!

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This is a fun synopsis on a day as a hair stylist!

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Hi, my name is Kelly. I've been a hairstylist for 20 plus years and I've always said that I would love to write a book about the things that I've heard and seen over the years. Um being a hairstylist is a super fun job. You're connecting with people, you're relating to them. You know, also the world has very much shifted and it can be a very trying job where you know, if someone is having a bad day, you're with them experiencing that bad day with them. And so I always say that there are a lot of ups and downs with what we do and it's interesting, it would make an interesting show, it would make an interesting book and there's so many fun stories involved with what we do. Um I have a few fun signs at my salon, for instance, one says what happens at the salon stays at the salon and for instance, I can't tell you how many times a day I hear the words, I haven't told anyone this and knowing I'm going to be that person that I'm about to hear whatever it is that has been kept a secret or needs to come off that person's chest or whatnot. Um and so it does make my job funny. I did have a man say to me one time, hey, what time is your next one in? And I said in five minutes and I went about cleaning up, doing what I was doing and I turned around before I knew it. He had dropped Trowel, he needed to show me his hip replacement scar, needless to say my mouth was on the floor. I didn't know this was the direction we were heading in wasn't a lot of warning involved. Um, and so I proceeded to pay high five. That's awesome. Glad it went well. And needless to say again. I think he thought about it after the fact and realized maybe that was a poor choice and we never saw each other again.