Clip from \"Wormholes\" Audiobook



Audiobook sample from a youth sci-fi fantasy story. Several animated voices on display.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US Mid-Atlantic)


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a group of unknown person sat on top of the brightly colored horses with too many legs and stared at them in silence. Soldiers flanked the edge of the group. They're shiny armor glinting in the early morning sunlight and reflecting off their polished sword. Hilts Elder Gammon stepped closer to Danny, his long robes gliding about his tall frame as he walked and gently led him away from Shane toward the other group. He rubbed his long beard with one hand. We sent birds out to several cities within a few days ride. He spoke quietly, grabbing Danny's attention. There are reports of curious activity from the Northeast lands and several accounts of a band of rebels making their way north. Gammon paused, his face serious. They have a child with them. Danny's heart jumped up into his throat and forced it back down. His hands shook with excitement. But the calm that Shane had given him was still dancing over his skin, and he kept his cool. You found her? Well. We haven't been able to get a description to confirm, the elder agreed, but it seems so. Danny's knees felt like jelly, and he nodded, not trusting himself to speak. I'm so glad Mom would have killed me. The elder cleared his throat and motioned around the group, pointing as he spoke. Let me introduce your team, Shane. You know, Shane kept inspecting his claws. He did not look up. The elder held out his hand toward the tall, broad shouldered man with white hair. Captain, I'm asw in done, captain of the king's guard and leader of this rescue expedition, the man said as he leaned down from his horse to take Danny's hand without asking. We are proud to chaperone you on this task. In the name of the king, Shane started No nice to meet you, Danny said. He pulled his hand away as quickly as possible from the strong grip. Aswan held onto his hand, and he folded his hands back together behind his back on. This is my right hand, man, Jed, hip. Well, Aswan added, motioning to a sake man with orange hair and purple eyes. He will be accompanying us along with pocket and Harris. Oz win waved his hand toward the other two soldiers already on horseback, who looked a lot like twins with bright yellow hair and green eyes. Aaron, one of the soldiers, corrected. He looked at Danny with wary eyes. Danny figured the man was worried about his use of the essence. Oz Win waved the objections away. Un interested? This is Matty. Dark Knoll Elder Gammon gestured to a short, hooded figure who seemed obsessed with securing the many small bundles to her saddle apprentice healer to master Rolled in God. That means I heal, Matty said. She threw back her hood to reveal a pale white face and short black hair. Her eyes look Danny, up and down. Her face seemed curious, but not very warm. But don't expect me to fight. It's against what I dio. She will do as she's told Oz, Win said as he stared down his nose at the healer. Don't worry, Danny Jed spoke up, his purple eyes surprisingly warm. There's enough muscle here to keep you safe. You don't need to worry about the pacifist. Danny nodded, looking around the group and admiring their shining steeds and oiled gear. Something small buzzed by his head, and he jerked to the side and almost slapped it away. When he saw that it was humanoid, he peered closer and saw the little creature was a lot like the fairies Danny had seen in movies, except she had four wings and was bright blue and green all over. She gave Danny a smile and waved. I'm whisp, said the small creature as she stopped toe hover near Danny's head. What do you do? Danny asked. Whisp laughed with the sound like tiny bells. I do think this whisp scrunched up her face and concentration. Before Danny's eyes, Whisp changed from a tiny fairy to a miniature okelo pop, one of the giant tortoise shell giraffes, the tiny Oka lope danced about in the air, making the long next sway back and forth like a puppet on a string. Wow, Danny said. Impressed at her gift, Elder Grameen cleared his throat. Whisp changed form again, this time into a tiny copy of elder Gammon, who crossed his arms and shook his head, giving a stern look over it. Danny Danny chuckled. Elder Gammon glared across the yard. It Shane, please keep your pet out of the way