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    Alien Voices

    Are you looking for an alien voice that’s out of this world? You know, a voice that’s so unique it’s literally from another planet? If you’re creating a video game, audiobook, cartoon or any other project that needs an alien voice, you need to make sure you’re getting a proper character voice actor.

    What is an alien voice?

    The alien is a character who is not of this world, and for that reason, does not have an easily defined voice. However, this gives voice actors more liberties with how they wish to portray an alien, and allows writers to create many different types of alien voices. Whether it be friendly or hostile, robotic or more human, smooth or rough, or even in a different language, there are many ways to voice an alien character.

    What does an alien voice sound like?

    A friendly alien will be more down-to-earth, and have a compassionate or helpful tone. These aliens may be intellectually superior and speak intelligently. A hostile alien may speak more harshly, speak in a less coherent manner, growl, roar, or shriek, and generally sound cruel. Some aliens may not talk much at all.

    Different aliens could be written in ways that change how they are voiced. Some aliens may need the use of a translator that sounds more robotic, such as C-3PO’s robotic translations in Star Wars, while other aliens may speak clearly in a certain language. Some writers may create new languages for the aliens to speak, such as the Na’vi language in Avatar.

    Others may have their aliens sound more animalistic, communicating through a series of grunts, growls and guttural speech, like the Tusken Raiders in Star Wars. There are many ways to voice an alien, but the best way to portray an alien character is by consulting the writer of said character and asking how they wish to have the alien portrayed.

    Ready to hire an alien voice for your next project?

    Voices has the world’s largest selection of professional voice actors, who can deliver your alien voice. Whether it’s a spooky alien or a friendly visitor from another planet, you can find your next extraterrestrial voice here.