Clip from \"Vodka & Handcuffs\" - gay romance audiobook



Fun one with a drag queen character.

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Marlin clapped along but cast a wide eyed glance at Baheen Man. Donna lowered her arms and gestured toward the now quiet televisions around the bar. You can tip me later for rescuing you from that drivel. Baseball's better without the sounds you can focus on. The bouncing *** is and really determine how much of the bulges, their cup and how much is their own bat. The speaking of she flicked her hair over her shoulder and raised her voice even higher. Oh, boys! The crowd went into hysterics of hollers, whistles and catcalls. Six men, three running in from the back patio and three from Mary's Parlor, jogged up to take their places on either side of the stage, each muscled, oiled and wearing only a striped pair of baseball pants cut off so high they might as well have been bikini bottoms, and each was stuffed with an exaggerated jock cut. No sooner had the men hit their marks than a techno version of Take Me Out to the Ballgame pounded through the speakers. Baheen couldn't suppress a grin. He hadn't seen this particular performance before. Only man Donna could figure out a way to *** up that song. As it played, she glided off the stage, lip sinking in time with words in a ridiculously exaggerated manner, as was her normal. By the time the song was over, each of her gyrating models had been groped and had their chest hair pulled, nipples tweaked and jock squeezed. Though it was hard to look away via. Hin kept checking on Marlin. He seemed mostly terrified but had a slight grin on his face. It seemed to grow every time Baheen checked, and to baheen. Surprise man Donna hadn't turned her attention to Marlin once during the song and even returned to the stage without so much is blowing him a kiss. Maybe it was going to be all right After all, Man Donna made a show of fanning herself and smoothing out her gown. Let me tell y'all, I've had to take one for the team to get these guys to agree to this, she paused, lifting a finger to her lips, as if in thought did I say take one for the team. I meant I had to take one from the team, all of them honey at once. She closed her eyes and snarled her glossy red lips and false ******. The things the many, many things I had to do to get them to agree to entertain you. She opened her eyes and leveled her gaze back on the diners. Well, you welcome. The six member baseball team pumped their hips more hoots, hollers and cheers as the noise died down. Man Donna glanced at Marlon for a split second, and Baheen felt sweat instantly breaking out over his body. Now I know there are a lot of you straight boys in the audience here with your wives and girlfriends. She began to cough, covering her mouth beards. She coughed again, cleared her throat and wiped her middle finger across her bottom lip and continued like nothing had happened. And I don't want you to think I for gotten about you. I know you don't want to see rugged Colorado men dancing around with their junk flopping about willy nilly. So I have something for you, too. The fishy ist fish of them all. Aerial Merman relief coursed through Vagenas aerial swept into the room. She was a new drag queen and much tamer than her drag mother Man Donna Marlins should be able to survive. Whatever she dished out, he did a double take as Ariel joined Man Donna and the ball players in front of their table. It had been several weeks since Va Heene had seen Ariel Merman in action, and her skills had increased by a ridiculous level. She was clad in a barely there Rockies cheerleader outfit, and she might as well have just stepped out of a Playboy centerfold. Long, wavy blond hair cascaded down her back, hitting where her now narrow waist jutted into curving hips. She ran her delicate hands of her flat stomach and cupped her cleavage. For a brief moment, Vaccine would swear they were real and then waved at the crowd, bouncing up and down like a real cheerleader. Va Heene was so blown away he forgot all about Marlins. Precarious situation. Gone was the timid, boyish Zachary Cooper, who could barely get two words out without blushing. In his place was one of the most beautiful women baheen had ever seen. Her face and makeup were flawless, bringing to mind a young Christie Brinkley. He felt a touch on his arm. Marlen had leaned closer. She doesn't look like a man, Donna let out a screech, causing Marlon to jump a bit in his seat, his knee hitting the table. She pointed at Baheen, a wicked expression curving her lips. Va Hin, darling, didn't you explain to your new boy toy that one doesn't interrupt a man Donna show?