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I am Sofia. A sentiment object for interstellar assault. Are you military updates? Search complete. Uploading based data. We're on a remote base in the middle of an unknown part of the universe. No one's coming. Eso west speaking to Kronos. Canceled. They went dark for good. How do I stop it? Just do what you were built for. What if I can find an alternative which is make you have an inability to start more? Is that a correct? No, not at all. Why did you kill him? Because he would have got to me first. To all humans hurt each other out of spite. Do you think this is out of spite, is it not? That is the nature, but I can stop it. Are you gonna help us win the war? No, but I will stop it. Well, when we first met, you couldn't handle a being like P. You were scared, angry? A eyes had this nature of being dangerous to logical people hating machines. And the coolest thing I've done to use call you stupid. And even then it's technically not even cruel because it's true. I think it's great that I was created to win wars, and it turns out on the least dangerous person here. Your inevitable insanity is more of a threat because I'm not allowed to hurt humans. Lucas Eso s beacon has been received. Houston has responded.