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    Professor Voices

    The professor is an academic character who teaches in a post-secondary setting. The professor character is usually in charge of a specific class with a narrow focus on a specific topic, in which he or she has a deep knowledge. The professor character aims to deliver information in a concise and orderly manner, and speaks professionally to students. Professor characters are also experts and researchers, continuously learning information pertinent to their field.

    The professor character is intellectual, methodical and detail oriented. The professor character gives lectures, advice and guidance to new recruits and students, does interviews with leaders and news companies, and discusses research findings with peers. The professor character speaks clearly to others and uses an authoritative tone when discussing principles and strategies in his or her lecture. The professor character may also take questions and answer them to the best of his or her ability. Some professor characters have other roles as well, such as leading an extracurricular activity, or being an administrator at an educational institution.

    The professor character can most often be seen in non-fictional mediums and real life settings. Recordings of lectures are available for free online, and professors may also show up in documentaries as well. Professors can also be seen at educational institutions, with courses you may be able to audit or sit in on for a day. Professor characters are also commonly seen in fictional movies or shows, especially in science fiction and young adult fiction, where characters may go to a university or other high education institution. By observing how these professor characters conduct themselves, you can learn how to sound like an academic scholar in no time!