Video game character audition

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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requesting backup. I think we should go back now. Let's go back. I miss our altar. Let's go back please. Why aren't we going back exactly? Killing the last enemy and now their souls are in limbo. You were the last one standing. And I remember your bravery. We defeated all of them, such great teamwork. We defeated all of them. And I can feel our souls shining together getting cursed by a hunter. Ah my arms. This energy, it's so negative. I'm close. My energy flow is disturbed. Oh no, I'm cursed. Sorry I must retreat ali orb. Missing a lawyer. Mm hmm. My poor altar. They emptied it. Someone do something. Our culture is still ravaged. We won't reach harmony until we get our or back over time triggered by the enemy team. Think about our efforts. We can't let them get away. We have to retrieve our orb. I believe in us. Never give up fellow devotees.