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a dragon slid out, looked around and then spoke. My dear old friend, woozy. Is something the matter? Come and sit down for the chip chatting matter. So woozy explained that he had to solve sneezing and spot dotted bots and poor toes that were freezing. He needed a spell, so drips, he said here, and whispered some words in his wise and old ear, a spell that the dragon had hidden away to use on a snivelling, sneeze sort of day. Banks trip, See said woozy. I'll give it a try, and he and his pig shot away through the sky. Okay, the once upon a time machine is ready to write a book for us. All we have to do now is decide what sort of book will want to write. Ah, funny one, I say. Good idea, says Terry. But exactly how funny would you like it? So funny, I say the kind of funny that if you are reading it and drinking milk at the same time, you would laugh so hard that you would snort milk out through your nose. Now, problem, says Terry, the funny dying on the once upon a time machine has known settings? Not at all. Funny. Small smile. Funny. Full smile. Funny politely funny rudely funny. Milk snorting ly funny. Which, of course, is the particular setting we will be using today. Pence Wittingly funny heart stopping funny and of course, laughter. Dead funny. Which is not all that popular, Ellis. Of course you are a zombie. Postmen And why? No. You know you're dead anyway. Must have a good chuckle now. The fat red hen with his speckled legs laid lots and lots of golden eggs. But then a cry Oh, help! Oh, no! Oh, dear. Those eggs began to disappear each morning. All the eggs had gone And the old fat pig asked What's going on? I'll find out, said the Lady bird. So she flew and she flew and she saw. And she heard Monday, June 4th I think I've arrived somewhere weird. I started at my new school today. I was met by this mafia. An old geezer who said he was the headmaster. He's about 108 has one huge eyebrow and spits a lot. He said You're full lucky to be coming to the school. I had to wipe my face down when he'd gone. I was soaked through. He kept getting my name wrong. It's pronounced Louis, sir. The thing of Louis, I didn't say anything. I was a bit scared of that eyebrow. Next I met my form teacher, Mr Worm Old. He said, I do hope you're going to be a credit to the school. I was already beginning to feel distinctly doubtful about all this. As he introduced me to the class, I got all nervous. Now when I'm nervous, I start talking in an Australian accent. So I said to them, Well, good, ideal possums. They just gaped at me in silence.