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Wolfish introduction

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This is the first five minutes of the audiobook I recorded for \"Wolfish\"

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Chapter one A gaping hole keen. 2097. Not again my body convulsed as her lifeless bloodied eyes stared back at me, my hands crushing my sadistic father's throat. How could you let this happen? The battlefield was strewn with charred bodies, cultures, static Hit squad had spread throughout the decrepit stadium, poisonous leaves in the wind, mere reminders of the hundreds of millions who died in the sub species clashed days earlier. My ill advised revolution. I rubbed at the crimson clumps littering zetas, very chimp ish face, so perfect, so beautiful. And now she was gone forever. Our son to gaping hole in her cratered belly and my heart nothing left no point to continue. I threw back my head in a howling whale, my claws, shredding Coulter's exposed neck. Anything to stop the raw agony shooting through me as blood dripped along with hairy hands. But even my wolfish nature couldn't protect me. Tears came miserable, ruined flood. As my false father's laughing words bubbled to the fore. You're my son rake, We're more alike than you think I was going to be sick. My arms shook, spasms of burning loss and hate. I pounded his lifeless malignant chest and screamed. We are nothing alike. Nothing. It didn't help. A shock wave hit me. Darkness. Chapter Two, steak and starvation. I awoke with a start as whiteness blinded me. A nutty whiff of lemony air freshener, soft blankets covering me set up in the enormous bed. Taking in the excess luxury, rich beige carpets, mahogany dressers, the World News network on an ultra rez virtual screen floating near the window. All of it was too much easily. Three times bigger than are burned to the ground. X. Hovel in key egg. The home that was no more thanks to thorne's treachery, which in a way had buried my entire family and now I was stuck in Kane, Living The High Life in a 15th Floor Penthouse. I never felt so alone. Everyone was dead, waved my hand to deactivate the needless screen and opened W. N. Ens homepage in my peripheral field view and slipped into my automatic wheelchair, surgically repaired. Bionic foot. Still not ready for walking. Should be good by tomorrow compared to everything else that was Coulter's least scarring gift. Vision swam of my bloodied unborn son of the future we have had together, Zita would have made a great mom. All that was gone and all that remained was suffocating emptiness. Pushed aside all of it as I rolled into the cookie cutter granite kitchen, hoping the news coffee, anything could distract me from my ever expanding dark cloud. It didn't nothing mattered. Not a damn thing. The leaders were convening again, trying to sort through the chaos I'd unleashed. I couldn't care less indiana and Gonzaga had come calling several times trying to lure me into their pointless political wheel ing's, but it wasn't happening. Why do they think I could lead? Look at the damage I've done and the lives I destroyed the carnage was staggering screw Azera had said in her final recorded message, I wasn't up to the challenge. I wasn't worth following. Things were broken beyond repair. It was my fault and I had no idea how to fix it. Even the animo townships were worse off than before. The supply chains were broken and starvation was rampant. At least the damn hunting permits had been abolished. A brief ray of hope. If we'd been allowed to hunt growing up, we wolfish wouldn't have gone hungry so much. There was nothing interesting on the web, only more of the same. They had ratified the sub species treaty. Finally, The elections were in two weeks, The First Equal one in decades. And the emulate faction had died down for the moment without their immortality. They weren't a threat other than their wealth.