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    Villain Voices

    The villain is an evil or antagonistic character central to the plot of a story. The villain character provides the protagonist, and his or her party, with various problems. The villain character is often cruel, angry, arrogant, selfish and has little to no regard for the wellbeing of others. The villain character can fit any role, so long as the character is defined by criminal behaviour, allegiance to evil, or otherwise fits the category of immoral.

    The villain character can have numerous motives, ranging from anger against society, a desire for power and influence, pain from the past, insanity or simple malice. The villain character often has few to no redeemable traits, being a despicable and harsh character. Some villain characters are redeemed, and in those cases, they may have a compassionate or sympathetic side to them. Villain characters are usually attention seeking, and require others to submit to them. Villain characters may be cunning, or highly intelligent. Villain characters are known to give lengthy monologues, especially if they have some form of perceived ideological or philosophical justification for them to act in such a manner. Common types of villain characters can include robots, aliens, wizards or witches, corrupt officials, criminals, serial killers, authoritarian dictators and other powerful, even otherworldly, beings. Each villain character has a distinct reason and worldview behind his or her actions.

    Villain characters can be seen most often in stories with discernable good and evil characters, especially in the action and fantasy genres. Superhero characters often fight supervillain characters in movies and television shows in the superhero subgenre. Many classic films, ranging from Disney Princess films to Star Trek, feature villains. Understanding the personality, attitudes and background of your character will give you the starting elements for your character; and incorporating malice and cruelty to your voice will guarantee you are able to portray the perfect ice cold villain character.