Mhairi Morrison - Scottish



Tony Hogan bought me an Ice Cream float before he stole my Ma, by Kerry Hudson

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) Scottish (General)


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Mari Morrison, My Lady, Me sticky and Slack limbed on her chest and wondered how something so pink, puckered and fragile, could be so vicious as the tear, the person who is meant to love her most in the world. But that was the Ryan women Fish wives to the marrow. They were always ready to fight and knew the places that would cut deepest. I was no vicious, though no one could tell if I was clever or sly, as my grandma had predicted while blowing Benson and Hedges smoke rings over my ma's swollen belly. I was a bad baby, forever gardening and spitting out my mom's nipple. My delicate skin had mottled with the indignation of being ripped by forceps from a warm, cosy spot where I was perfectly happy. For all my fretful kicking at the air and scratching at my own face, my saving grace was beauty. Everyone said so. A golden baby with extra blue eyes, the slope of my nose and forehead just so she'll be a wee heartbreaker, Grammer said. Smoothing down her meant green nylon trousers. But she'll have a lot of jealousy, and I know a burden is to be born with beauty. Grammars violet eyes filled and the tears seeped through her pale powder into the wrinkles underneath. Ma held me to her bony chest, resting my bum on the rule of flesh under her sharp ribs, which was all that remained of my home. I she takes after her daddy he was gorgeous. Those American blue eyes. She's the spit of him Mars face crumpled, her mouth sagged in a wine and her face turned pink. I wondered what had been born into other mas in the ward came over, and I'd me suspiciously checking. I wasn't heavier, livelier or prettier than their babies mas. My family came and held their faces so close to mine I could smell whether that had booze or food for breakfast. It was mostly boos. Uncle Frankie, who had a scatter of freckles across his face, eyes, the colour of Aberdeen skies and hair like silky Cooper picked me up and held me above his head like a football trophy. You did it cess. And what a little beauty and all. Even though he was a short as Mar and a bit chubby around the edges, he made the other models laugh and tuck wisps of hair behind their ears on the nurses raised their eyebrows and lower their chins. A very nurse thing to do, I'd noticed.