Mhairi Morrison- Audio Book Fictional Romance British with French character



Exert from Olivia Joules, by Helen Fielding. English and French characters. Neutral English narration.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) Scottish (General)


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Mari Morrison. She left the throng and stepped out onto the terrace. There was nothing but blackness now towards the sea. She couldn't make out where the June's ended and the beach began, but she could hear the waves pounding the shore. She noticed the metal staircase winding up from the balcony to a higher level and headed up, finding herself on a small private deck. She sat down out of the wind, pulling her wrap around her, feeling disgusted with herself. It was insane to have let herself be manipulated by a publicist to imagine that some ridiculous playboy was interested in her and then care enough to actually mind. When it turned out he simply saw her as a marketing opportunity on DH and over opinionated one at that. Worse, she realised a part of her she wouldn't admit to. Anyone else was frankly disappointed that Farrah Mo wasn't a terrorist. She was just as bad as those fame driven journalists she despised, always trying to make their names out of other people's misfortunes. Pull yourself together, she told herself. You're Olivia, Jules. Now you need to get out of this daft party and get on. There was a sound on the metal staircase. Someone was coming up. Why, Miss Jules, you are roosting. Appear like a little bird. Furama was carrying champagne and two glasses. Now you will join me. Surely in one glass of crystal. He was very attractive. It had been a very long day. She took a sip of thie, exquisite ice cold champagne and thought rules for living number seven. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Now tell me. He said, raising his glass to hers. Can you relax? Is your work complete? Do you have your storey? Yes, she said, but I've moved on to another. The oceans apart. You know the giant apartment ship. Oh, really? Have interesting. His face said the opposite. And with the oceans apart, you will do what interviews? Perhaps a visit to the ship. Yes, actually, I met a couple of passengers who come from very near my hometown. I'm going to see them tomorrow. And at what time? Um, in the morning at? I really do not think that is a good idea. He murmured, taking her glass away and drawing her closer. Why not? He was so close, she could feel his breath against her cheek because he said, I hope that tomorrow morning you will be having breakfast with me.