Mhairi Morrison Audio Book Fictional Scottish Romance



Improper Seduction by Mary Wine

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) Scottish (General)


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Mari Morrison. He laughed full volume that drew curious looks from those They passed Bridget lead the way, but only until they reached the yard. Keuren surged past her, then showing her the way to the portion of the stable where their horses were kept. If anyone thought their departure in the late afternoon resort, they both gave them no time to voice such thoughts. Cubans man where, eager for the road to saddling their mounts and quick motions before swinging up into the saddle, Bridget watched her husband proud of the way he sat so confidently in command. The crowd, lingering in the yard, parted when they headed for the gate. Bridget dug her heels into her mayor, sending the animal up beside her husband so that they passed out of the curtain wall together. May they remain so forever. Stop it cured and I told you, not tonight. I'm freezing, her husband grumbled, but nuzzled against her neck again. And I am trying to warm you wife. They lay on the ground beneath the limbs of an old oak tree. A tarp was tossed across the limbs to provide them shelter, but it did little to cut the chill of the night, Keuren suddenly pulled her tighter against his body, inhaling deeply next to her skin. I fear to sleep fear that I will open my eyes to discover that you have never told me you loved me. His voice was husky and low, as though the darkness gave him the opportunity to say such words words that no commander might say while his men watched. And I will tell you again, sunrise and every hour after, if you will look at me with love in your eyes Well, I declare myself on my love unto you cute And his warm hand slipped along the side of her cheek as he rose up above her. In spite of the darkness, she saw the faint glitter in his eyes that she had come to cherish so dearly. You have my solemn promise, Bridget, along with the promise that I will march an army after you every time I must. But I will not live without you. You hold my heart and I must have it near. He lured his head until she felt his breath against her lips. Have you near my love? He pressed the soft kiss against her mouth, but it travelled straight to her heart, sealing them together. The night was suddenly much warmer, the heat coming from within from her hold it.