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England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End), Irish, Italian American


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when I hit. You know that I do it because I love you. Great. Perfect. Jesse must grab. Your gladiators were storming the estate. No daughter remains should have to do this. Are you sure this is the only way You know the dangers, Gora Mindful Kony. I should have finished the job years ago. The Strong's takes five shots in the chest and still lives. Things would have been different. The trade prince welcomes you to the port of new album. Please register your arrival with the harbormaster at piers end. I know of your goals today and I am by your side. Make haste, my countrymen. People know and they're starting to talk. Hello. Hello, Elizabeth. This is David, the owner of the Airbnb you stayed in in County Wicklow. I hope you enjoyed your stay, Rachel. You this much. I certainly did not. Neighbours have complained to me about you. Feeding carrots to that horse is well, you worked wonders for me and you know your stuff. I can see the importance of what you're saying and having to pay the bills. But for once Bernie here is right. You need to recharge you first. So you can take care of everyone else. Look at this mess. Footprints all over the house. And now I'm supposed to help clean it up. Not to mention that mess in the billiard room. Of course, the phone lines are cut. Can't get cell service either. To save my life again and again, I briefly put before you the words of my confession. I testify in truth and in great joy of heart before God and his holy Angels that I never had any other reason for returning to that nation except the Gospel and God's promises.