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you know the numbers. The Internet of things will grow to 50 billion connected devices before long on its way to trillions. And to ensure your I O T. Product is successful, you need to juggle a lot of balls. One of the biggest issues you face security. Have you considered the ways of security breach can affect your business? Legal team is worried about liability exposure. The CFO and risk managers cite data on the financial impact of breaches costing tens of millions of dollars. Any security vulnerability can put your product and therefore your company brand reputation and customer at risk. So you wonder, How do I protect my assets? My business? The answer. Start with a strong root of trust. A root of trust consists of identity and cryptographic keys. Rooted in the hardware of a device, it establishes a unique, immutable and unclog noble identity toe. Authorize a device in the I. O. T. Network. It establishes the anchor point for the chain of trust and powers. Critical systems security use cases over the entire life cycle of a device. It protects the device against counterfeiting, cloning and reverse engineering intrinsic ideas. Technology delivers Ah, hardware root of trust by generating unique keys based on our patented S ram puff or physical incredible function. S RAM puff is a digital fingerprint for a semiconductor device based on physical variations inherent to every chip as distinct as a snowflake. Because this fingerprint is impossible to clone, it is the ideal basis for devices identity. Since the root key is generated internally and never stored, no sensitive data is visible anywhere in the supply chain. This approach delivers a lower total cost of ownership in manufacturing flow, flexibility for chip manufacturers, contract manufacturers and O a m to scale the i o. T. So if you're developing a new I ot product and need to make sure it's secure, intrinsic, I d. Delivers a robust root of trust. It's the first step to protecting your products and your business contact intrinsic i d To find out how