Voice Over • Video Narration


Voiced these spots for Air BNB, YouTube, Bacardi Rum, Fedex and Microsoft.

Vocal Characteristics


English (Caribbean)


Caribbean (Bahamian Creole), US African American, US Mid-Atlantic


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it's time to escape again to find your home away from home to journey forth with confidence on rest your head. Some special. It's time for Airbnb YouTube. It's where you watch videos about your favourite things like UFOs, Squash. He's really, you know, on the secret conspiracy to brainwash people with GMO fruit. Go on cat videos. YouTube. You already weird Rich. Just here to make you okay with it. Because 88 year millennium run, when only the best to shipping from the states to the islands isn't always easy. Fat X makes it easier. Next slave is to most of the Caribbean. You can be sure you'll get your package on time, which is great because your mother just sold another round of ugly sweaters for the whole family. Wow, is that supposed to be a duck for Todd to build my business? So it's important to me that my dad Iris safe Microsoft one Dr Office Reliable Cloud storage with redundant backups that guarantee I can always access my files. No downtime. Search hashtag one drive to learn more