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Excitable child, Wise Karate Sensei, Happy Hillbilly, Kasey Kasem style Smooth DJ, Old-timey Newsreel reporter, Looney Tunes/Mel Blanc style crazy animated animals and gruff characters. From dead serious to comedic to totally twisted. Just a handful of the many, many character voices I do

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US South) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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dad don't embarrass me. Sometimes. Me and my kinfolk get a little pick me up between vittles. Something to stick to our ribs and keep our bellies from a growling, heavy, chromatic dragons, Eva cray gis, black dragons of oil and rake a poisonous acid. It takes time to master any art. It also takes the best materials, flawless technique. I help my humans come back real soon. I'm so hungry and I need to walk real bad. Yes. That's the thing that we do and we do it quite well as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, Well we do it better than you think. That's for sure. My what a lovely bunch of coconuts. Hey wing. So why not do the thing you really want to do? Okay, so first we attach this loophole to this upside down snippet and presto. Oh no, I was in a wreck and the insurance company won't pay easter is ruined there just in time. Stranger. Could you maybe find a way to distract that jaguar?