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    Elf Voices

    Are you looking for other worldly voice? An elf voice can be elegant, high pitched or even shy. The elf is a fictional fantasy creature which has numerous forms it has been portrayed as.

    Generally, the elf is a friendly, intelligent and kind creature, however there are numerous versions of them through folklore and fiction.

    The first kind of elf, and likely most familiar, is the small elf that has become part of Christmas tradition. These elves have a strong work ethic, are cheerful, and helpful. Their tasks involve helping Santa with tasks at the North Pole. Many classic Christmas movies, such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the more recent Elf include this character, and can provide a benchmark for how these jolly little fellows are played.

    The more common fantasy elf is a tall, sophisticated, wise and strong creature. These elves are usually noble in character, and have a kindness and power associated with them. They are more attuned to the natural world and have sharper senses. These elves are generally polite, insightful, dedicated to their passions and the arts. This type of elf originated in the works of J.R.R Tolkien, and has become the basis for most modern fantasy elves. To see more of this elf, The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy to a lesser extent show the most “accurate” version of this character.

    The dark elf is a lesser known character, who may live underground or in a dark realm. These elves are seen more often in Norse mythology. These elves may be similar to the regular fantasy elves, but have a cruel nature and embody more negative traits. Dark elves may also be less sophisticated or enlightened. An example of these elves would be seen in Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World. The Norse dark elf contrasts the light elf, which also appears in Norse mythology.

    Whether it is a worker elf in a Christmas story, a noble elf in a fantasy setting, or either set of elves in a mythological setting, voicing an elf can help bring fiction to life.

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