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This is a mixed demo of business, film, educational, and animation samples. It shows a broad range of vocal qualities from my natural voice, to various characters.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Australian North American (General) Scottish (General)


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memberships so great. It feels exclusive. I had to pull my member card just to get you an appointment massage envy. Keep your body working. Black Lives Matter protests all across America in response to the unfairness and high killing rate of african americans. These citizens are tired of being chased in the street and they're asking for justice. Business owners are boarding up their stores to avoid property damage. Our data shows that you're 37% more likely to complete a course if you participate in the discussions. So make a post today. # three. Take notes. Good. I welcome to the land down under. I'll be your tour guide, bailey bungee. How'd you know it was us recognized you by your monkey. Let's get going. You're Australian outback safari adventurer whites ready. That looks better. Great. Can't pay the rent, but at least they look better. How come you fight so well. Five older brothers. Sounds like a lovely family. Hey, do you need a sidekick? I'm lost a night to remember. You can't give up. Did you see us back there? Come, come into my cave. I knew I shouldn't have flown so recklessly. Now, where could my unicorn hair wand be? Professor Wilkins is gonna think I'm fairless again. I have to find it. I just have to. Well, according to my calculations, we could reach the island in just two weeks. So that's plenty of time to save the town