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    Fairy Godmother Voices

    The fairy godmother is a magical character who aids the protagonist, usually a female character, in achieving her goals. The fairy godmother is generally kind, creative, humble, lighthearted and friendly. The fairy godmother often acts as a catalyst to push the protagonist past a barrier preventing upward mobility, or act as a protector and provider. There may be numerous fairy godmothers in a story, and while generally on good terms with one another, may have sisterly rivalries. Fairy godmothers are usually older women; and wise characters, providing advice, protection and opportunity.

    A protecting fairy godmother usually works to protect the protagonist from harm and provide for people who do not have something they need. This fairy godmother is usually more motherlike with magic attributes, and may spend more time with the protagonist. A fairy godmother who works as a catalyst for change may show up once or twice in a story, improve the protagonist’s standing, and disappear. These fairy godmothers often offer both opportunity and warnings on the conditions of the opportunity. This character has more emphasis placed on the “fairy” part of fairy godmother. Fairy godmothers may be legalistic, especially regarding magical issues. In some stories, the fairy godmother’s role is inverted, to act as a malevolent or unfriendly force. This version is rare, but present in some folklore, reflecting the darker side of fairy characters.

    Examples of the fairy godmother character appear in several fantasy movies, mostly aimed at children. Classic examples are the fairy three godmothers in Sleeping Beauty and and the fairy godmother in Cinderella. An example of the evil fairy godmother appears in the Shrek franchise. Being able to voice a fairy godmother, benevolent or malevolent, will open up opportunities in voice acting for you. Post a demo, and wish for the best!