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hi. Today, I'm going to show you how I wax my face with my favourite product. The natural inspirations. Cold wax strips. It's super easy to use. Rub the strip between your hands and put one strip on your face. Might it stretch the skin with the other hand and pull the strip off? Today are you will be almost painlessly fabulous. Hello and thank you for calling the Austin Institute of Management Salon, the leading institute for internationally recognised degrees in engineering, computing and management. If you are a new student calling for a course inquiry, please press one. If you are a current student and need assistance, please press two Non Stop Kids Deluxe package is unlike anything you've seen before. We bring a disco set up with us and a theatre style backdrop to make the whole room look amazing. We make sure party music is playing as kids arrive, so there is a party atmosphere as soon as they walk through the door. Sustainability is at the core of six citizens. Well being is the very essence of our business. 85 years way have worked with customers to build trust in monetary system's value documents and sensitive goods. So you're looking for a hostel? Where do you start? How do you decide? Hostile Advisor is here to help you watch our hostel videos. They show you everything that you need to know. First, our videos show the hostile location and the distance times from key attractions. Our short videos take you on a journey of the city centre and the local area whilst also showing information on public transport facilities. When we reached the hostel, we first show you the exterior followed by the entrance and reception area.