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An audiblebook demo about a woman dealing with a baby who has been left at her motel.

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sarah Williams. Chapter 1 to be abandoned means you're either lost or found. Aiden He screamed his way into the world as most newborns do with lusty lungs heaving chest and flailing limbs he would not remember and no one would ever know to tell him. But his mother wept over him as she swaddled him and worn flannel to warm and calm him. Her lips were salty and wet when she kissed him on each eyelid and whispered. Her name is Aiden, I love you, be strong now, my beautiful boy. His hungry whales eventually drew the attention of the spotty faced teenager manning the reception desk. Inside the gloomy office of the motel, tucked away in a fold between nowhere and everywhere. The kid pounded on the door of number five and when no one answered a summons, he used his key to unlock the barrier. An instant later he bailed out, shouting for his mother. Ma come! What you making such a ruckus for Macy Black had long ago given up expecting anything good to come her way and had surrendered to the inevitability of making ends meet in a backwater place. It showed in her tired hazel eyes, her sagging chin, the lines of bitter times that marked her face. She moved slowly across from the office having sneaked a quick drink when Jason went knocking at number five to stand arms akimbo in the paved courtyard that fronted the row of rooms courtyard was a fancy term. She insisted on for the brochure, while paved was an outright lie flat stones, almost choked in weeds, did duty as paving, but was nowhere near uniform or even level. There were eight rooms each with a bed and bath kitchenette and ancient TV and not much else. Her livelihood. Macy was owner and housekeeper as owner. She couldn't afford the pretty stuff the Brochure sold, but that brochure was over 10 years old from the time her husband was still around. He got a deal on a print run of thousands. So why change anything? It brought guests on occasion. And when they arrived, they were already so far from civilization that they accepted what they actually found. At least. The surroundings were magnificent rocky hills led to mighty mountains and rivers ran through all huge trees, played host to varied feathered populations. Most guests were so impressed with the environment. They chose to overlook their accommodations as housekeeper. Macy was lackluster, a sweep and a dust after guest vacated and once a month if she remembered, she washed the threadbare budding. Why is the kid screaming? She demanded. Where's the girl slapping a hand over her mouth, her eyes rounded as she glanced around the courtyard. The young woman's car was gone. An old sedan that barely made it up the rutted driveway. She signed in without writing out her full name, paid for a week in advance and vanished, heavily pregnant into number five and now there was no car, but there was a screaming baby ma, what do I call the cops or something. Macy glared at her son. Jason was thick as pig ship, but then he took after his dad, the lying sack of horse dung. Don't be stupid, Jase no need for the cops. They'd want to know stuff. She couldn't answer. Two out of my way. She shouldered Jason aside and entered number five, nearly gagging at the side and side blood on the patchy gray carpet, A giant wet spot on the toss bed. The little bit had given birth right here the kids screamed between two flat pillows, sighing. She picked the infant up and retreated to the courtyard. Lock it up. I'll clean it later. Don't rent it out here. Jason snorted as if someone's coming. Well she did out of the blue. He'd me boy, rolling his eyes. Jason dragged the door closed and locked it, watching his mother stride in her wobbly manner back to their gloomy office. Macy discovered a note tucked into the swaddling blanket. About an hour later when she unwrapped the kid after he wet himself and her. A cute kid. But what was she to do with him already? He drove her insane with his incessant screaming Jason shouted from the desk to feed the kid as if she didn't know that. At least now she knew it was a boy. Him having wetter right through his horror of a mother who just ups and leaves a child called a maiden. That's what the note said, please. His name is Aiden, please take care of him. Well, fancy name. The ***** had delusions of grandeur she may see, despite the bitterness of her life, never left her kid behind. Probably didn't do so right by him. But she stuck by him after his worthless father disappeared in the middle of the night, leaving her to run the motel she inherited from her grandmother all by herself. What could she do? Truth be told? At least she and Jason had a roof over their heads and occasional guest brought in a few dollars for basics. Not much for schooling and stuff. So her kid never went to school. But he was not bright anyway. So it didn't matter did it? Not much for anything else either. Not even booze, although she pinched a bit here, a little there and then hoarded the bottle. Certainly not enough to buy baby formula for a newborn that would drink the milk without a care and dump her and Jason straight into greater poverty, cranked the van Jace. She called out from the room behind the reception desk where she spent most of her days watching daytime tv. We're taking him to church