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Demo audition for a humorous mystery book for women.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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sarah Williams! Mexico murder and margaritas. Hello! Anybody in here? Sally's stomach dropped. She knew that voice. The fake pageant queen lilt and carefully crafted midwestern accent. How had Dottie found them so quickly? Where were her crocodile booted goons? Oh my stars! Pearl whispered, rolling her eyes. How did she find us? Sally pursed her lips, remembering how Dottie had tried to befriend them that first night. The woman was nothing but trouble. What were they going to do? Sally turned to look behind them. Spotting a door in the corner, she whispered. We're going to have to make a run for it. I can hear you talking. You're not that quiet! Dottie called out. Sally hadn't heard her voice among the kidnappers, but she must have been behind the whole thing if she found them so quickly. Sally strained to hear where Dottie was in the warehouse they needed to get away from her. But how if they wanted to get to the door they would have to cross a wide opening between the stacks of boxes If they ran they could reach it. But if the door was locked they were sunk. Maybe they should give up. Maybe they could talk to her and reason with Dottie considering everything she had on the line. Sally locked her knees together and bit her lip. Who was she kidding? They couldn't reason with that woman. Dottie had already proven she would kill to get what she wanted. You can come out. It's okay. This was all just a misunderstanding Dottie's voice was further away than it had been before. Misunderstanding! Pearl hissed. Ain't no misunderstanding. She is one number short of a bingo like I said, sally nodded. Their best chance for escape was to run. She squeezed pearls hand and pointed to the door. Pearl gave her a quick nod. Sally, lean close to Pearls. Here, let's go on the count of three. Come on girls, let's grab a drink and talk it out. Sally put up her fingers. 12, three. Sally took a deep breath and ran pulling Pearl along after her. They crossed between two pallets of boxes. Hey, Dottie called out from the other side of the building. She saw us. Pearl panted as they ran. Keep moving, Sally said, without looking back, I have a heart attack! I'm gonna kill you! A loud crack rang out, and glass rained from a window above. They both shrieked, sally's ears ringing. What was that? She asked, gunshot sally steps faltered, but Pearl grabbed her elbow and pulled her along. A gunshot. Sally had never heard a gunshot in real life faster! Pearl cried. They were 20 ft from the door. Another gunshot hit a stack of boxes next to them. She shoots like a hippie Pearl said