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A portion of \"God is Really Good\" by Bill Johnson. I used different voices for different characters: an older mom, a worried friend, and a wise old counselor. I also added sound effects for the client along with music.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Sparrow wakes up in his nest and stretches his wings. Dad has just returned from finding his favorite breakfast worm cereal. Sparrow and mom and dad say prayers and eat their meal. When Spiro finishes, he hugs mom before flying off to see his friends. Remember, Stay in our forest, Mom, Chirp says. He flies away. Spirit flies towards squirrels house and lands on a nearby branch. When Squirrel comes out, Spiro notices she's a little worried. I'm running out of a corns, squirrel moans, and I'm not sure I will find any more before winter. I have to start looking in another forest. Oh, no, says Spiro. What will you do? I want to help, but Mom says, I can't believe the forest. Thank you, says Squirrel. It's kind of you to offer to help. But don't look so worried. God is good. Sparrow can't help but worry anyway. Squirrel needs a corns to eat during the winter, and he wants to help. He heads off towards Allah's house. How is wise? Sparrow thinks to himself. He will know what to do. I will hear someone land on his branch. Good morning Owl calls out, Howell says. Spiro Squirrel is running out of a corns. What will we do? Mm. Our replies. That is a problem. Perhaps she should look in another forest. Can you help her? Spiro asks. Owl. I wish I could Our replies, but my I sides isn't very good anymore. I can't see something as small as an acorn. Oh, no. Spiro says. Oh, Sparrow says, l Please don't worry. God is good, but Sparrow can't help worrying. Every day is one day closer to winter and no one could help Squirrel. What would they dio?