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Excerpt from \"On Becoming Babywise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep\" by Robert Bucknam and Garry Ezzo. A parenting book that teaches parents how to train their children in the area of sleep specifically. The goal was to be upbeat, yet patient as I explained the information at hand.

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think of crying as a signal, not a statement against your parenting. As a mom or dad learned to assess your baby's cry so you can respond properly. The ability to read your baby's cry will give you confidence in parenting. But what are the keys to the coding baby signal? In early infancy, Crying is an intuitive way of communicating both need and displeasure. The hunger cry is different from this sick cry. The sleepy cries different from the Kotomi cry and the distress cried. Differs from the demanding dry crying varies in Volume two. Sometimes a crime will be nothing more than a gentle whimper. Other times it is a violent protest. Be aware that attempts to minimise or block all crying can easily increase your baby stress and yours rather than decrease it.