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Okay, Rochester cynics, listen up. Yes, we have snow. Fluffy ski on it. Make snow angels with its No, you know, we don't have earthquakes, Tornadoes, Brush fires were 100% free of cataclysmic events. And I'm glad downtown isn't a huge metropolis. People in L A Boston Atlanta commute for two hours each way. Well, that sounds like fun. And how about those $6000 months? Big city mortgages? Here you can pay a fraction of that Known a showplace on Park Avenue. Bottom line, we're one of America's best kept secrets. Rochester has hot dogs in two colors 34 to 500 companies and four beautiful seasons. We have art films at the little indie radio stations, kick *** museums and more festivals. And you can shake a garbage play that we gotta stop looking down people and start looking up. Let's band together and shout to the world that we love our city that together way rock