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    Game Show Voices

    The game show host is an energetic television personality, who aims to amuse the audience and guide the game being played by contestants. Game show hosts set out the rules, determines the order contestants play in, asks questions, and interviews contestants. The game show host aims to create an exciting atmosphere, entertaining the on-location audience, the television audience, and the contestants. The game show host is quite sociable and outgoing, engaging in small talk with contestants.

    A game show host may ask questions in trivia game shows, and confirm whether the answers are correct or wrong. In a game oriented around physical challenges such as obstacle courses, game show hosts may detail the course, list objectives, and commentate on how contestants perform throughout the course of the challenge. Game show hosts may also commentate on the luckiness or unluckiness of contestants in a chance based game show. In a dating or romance based game show, the game show host introduces the players, and may also pose questions for contestants, or instruct the main contestant to pick between other contestants. In a talent show, game show hosts may also rate contestants based on their abilities.

    Game show hosts speak loudly, clearly, with an upbeat tone and can interview contestants on their motivations for being on the show, as well as making jokes about anecdotes shared in conversation, or sharing their own experiences in turn to what a contestant has shared.

    Game show hosts can be seen on television, generally within the game show genre. Trivia based game shows include Jeopardy! and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. Physically challenging game shows include Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior. Talent game shows include America’s Got Talent and The Voice. Some of the most popular game show hosts to listen to are the late Alex Trebek of Jeopardy! and Bob Barker of The Price is Right. Listening to these characters and maintaining an upbeat attitude can help you have a one in a million game show host voice.