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A clip from my most recent audiobook, 'Kong Boys' by Gerald Yeung

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at eight AM sharp with a lack of ceremony that almost feels anticlimactic. The first rocket goes off. The bulls are released. A panic washes over the crowd. We can't see more than a couple of feet in front of us. The crowd's reaction is air Onley window to the world. I never knew that the collective gasp of hundreds and close quarters could be this terrifying. We are petrified. A second rocket goes off, signaling the release of the last bowl from the corral. The hysteria escalates to a different level. The Plaza crowd begins to scamper as runners from the starting line reach us in a frantic sprint. Their body language can be described in two words. Horror and desperation. I'm out, I'm out. A girl in yoga pants pleads and hops over the fence to safety. Her eyes can't see, but we feel the rumbling of the ground. The bulls steps are penetrating, urgent and markedly. Uniforms were frozen in places if confronted by an advancing army. I hear bodies tumbling on the cobblestone street. I hear that muffled gas people make when they're beyond frightened. Run, run, run! The policeman yells, And then we take off