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    Valley Girl Voices

    The valley girl is a female character who lives in urban California, and speaks in a distinct way. The valley girl is a stereotypically affluent character, and is generally perceived as materialistic. The valley girl character is usually younger, either being a young adult or a teenager. Valley girls characters may speak in ways perceived as silly, superficial and perhaps a bit airheaded. Valley girl characters can be seen most frequently in urban California, especially in the settings of the 1980s and 1990s. Valley girl characters can be seen in later settings, but they are less common.

    The valley girl has a distinct vocabulary and some noticeable vocal traits. The most obvious indicator of a valley girl accent would be “uptalk”, which is the ending of sentences with a higher inflection, similar to that of asking a question, even if the sentence spoken is not a question. This may be confusing to listeners unfamiliar with the accent, especially when something is asserted in a way that sounds uncertain, such as the answering of a question. Valley girl characters may also have vocal fry. The valley girl character tends to avoid pauses in sentences, or even between them, substituting slang phrases such as “like”, “so” and “totally” in place of pauses or other common words.

    The valley girl character appears most frequently in movies or television shows produced in the 1980s and 1990s set in California, or in media that aims to recreate that time period. Valley girl characters may show up in other films or shows as well, and appear occasionally in the music industry. One celebrity who has displayed a valley girl accent in the past was Emilia Clarke, who’s portrayal of a valley girl can be seen on YouTube. By adopting upspeak and valley slang, and integrating it into your voice, you can speak as the perfect valley girl character!