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growth is something that happens naturally, much like a tree or a flower growth is bound to happen, but there can be deviations from the plan. Usually, we expect a tree or flower to grow straight up out of the ground and follow a guideline that dictates what it'll look like when it's done growing. A pine tree will always look like a pine tree, and a sunflower will always look like a sunflower. So why do some trees and flowers grow differently? A tree might start to grow in a forest that doesn't provide it with enough sunlight. What does that tree usually do? It grows tall but stays skinny, trying to reach the sun to nourish itself. What about a flower that's on a window sill? It usually turns towards the strongest source of light to soak up enough sun for photosynthesis, even if a flower or a tree needs to grow differently, it doesn't change the fact that the result is still the same. This can be applied to humans to take a look at all the people that, you know, they each had the same underlying goal of just growing up. But where did each of them end up when they grew up?