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    Demonstrator Voices

    The demonstrator is a person who takes on the role of demonstrating an argument, concept or product. Demonstrators may be marketers, protestors, teachers or anyone who is displaying something and proving it’s value, accuracy or legitimacy. Anyone can be a demonstrator, though certain occupations and activities have more demonstrations than others.

    Demonstrators have the shared goal of proving something, or displaying something, with many different motives and methods to do so. A teacher, researcher or scientist often demonstrates experiments and teaches lessons in an academic setting. These demonstrators are generally polite, patient and speak intelligently as they show proof for their arguments. A salesman or politician will often demonstrate how a product or policy could help the target demographic being addressed in some form, attempting to convince people with appeals to common sense, convenience and emotion. In protests, demonstrators may use slogans and shout, focusing on being heard as a group with a single message. As the category of demonstrator is broad, it is important to identify which form of demonstrator you are voicing. 

    Demonstrators can often be seen in infomercials, in debates, at protests and in educational settings. Anyone can be a demonstrator, as demonstration is merely the action of proving the legitimacy and accuracy of an idea. By reading what your character is demonstrating, and the content thereof, you can discern which approach you should take in your voicing of the demonstrator, whether it be an angry protestor or a patient teacher. With practice, you can master the art of voicing a demonstrator, and demonstrate how well you speak.