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Online spot for Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

RJ Collins - Director | Replay Collective
\"I recently worked with Benjamin on the Dodge College commercial campaign, and he was an absolute dream to collaborate with. Benjamin not only came extremely prepared, but he elevated the key moments in the voice-over that really needed some work. He brought unique comedic beats, as well as a driving force that was hard to come by in hundreds of auditions. I would highly recommend Benjamin for any of your voice-over needs, and look forward to collaborating with him again in the future.\"

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So you love movies. You want to make movies, then it hits you Film school, you tour, apply you tour, apply weight thistles, get a theater and a fully staged large facilities. A soundstage seven, actually. Also, they've made features. You get in, they give you a camera. Day one. You should grass some trees. You're make Greg. He says, Is this OK? You make documentaries on campus Laos allowing Cuba wherever they'll send you there. Your friends too. Report, Discover, investigate. You go live and say This is Chapman news. You play with sound music effects, explosions, new motion capture. You create worlds. You go through drafts, you ride a bunch, Say it out loud. Rewrite. Start from scratch. You show your professor and he says, Add more romance in the second act. Yeah, you'll think about it. You shoot pilot. No, not that kind of pilot. This kind of pilot, you act a bunch, direct a bunch, ended a bunch. You use all kinds of cameras. Not good with cameras. Greg is you watch movies. Four class with the director and your friends. Nice. You create posters, trailers, marketing campaign. You learn how to strategize and pitch. You win awards like a ton. You in turn everywhere your friends to you crew up collaborating, draft troubleshoot, make mistakes, learn, redraft work, scramble, freak out, calm down, work, tweet, present and graduate. You get a call from Greg in Los Angeles, he says something like Way Start shooting on Monday. Are you in? Of course, urine. And now you're ready and action.