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you totaled your brand new car. Nobody's hurt, but there will still be paying. It will come when your insurance company says they'll only give you 3/4 of what it will take to replace it. What are you supposed to dio drive 3/4 of a car? Your insurance company won't give you the full value of your total new car, theeighties says. No, you picked the wrong insurance policy and you say who? You know I picked the wrong insurance company. CIA. I'm going with Liberty Mutual. Haven't you always wanted to retire in style? Well, now you can. The residents of Green Gables retirement community enjoyed 25% more life and easy living. There's no need to cut the lawn, shovel the driveway. We'll climb unnecessary stairs. Those air. Just three great benefits of living at Green Gables. Have you noticed that there are so many prices out there for the exact same room? I know I've been asking myself does select lately, but this is what it really means. The same hotel room can have up to 10 different prices across the Internet, So even if you spend a lot of time looking around chances are that it's still out there for a better price. Why do so many businesses rely on the United States Postal Service? Because they know that when they ship with us, their business becomes our business? And that's why we make more e commerce deliveries toe homes than anyone else in the country. Have you heard Lazy boys having its huge anniversary sale with savings on sofas, sectionals, chairs and more? But just because it's a huge anniversary sale doesn't mean they need some loud at that scream sale. It's just me telling you about the great deals on gorgeous furniture. Come in now for amazing savings throughout the store, incredible bladder protection and a pad this then I didn't think it would work, but it does. It's called Always discreet for bladder leaks. The super absorbent core turned flick went to jail. I know I'm wearing it, but no one else will