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Commercial radio TV, Auto, Travel, Florida, Announcer, Sports, Advisor, Friend, Friendly, Southern, Personality

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North American (US South)


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Florida, more than any other state in this country, defines the breathtaking scope of our American experience. From here, the genius and courage of mankind went to the moon in F 1 50 from Heritage. Ford means a better price, bigger selection and a little more respect. Solving tomorrow's energy challenges depends on the choices and decisions we make today. A secure energy future begins by using existing energy sources more wisely. You can't test drive a car dealer. You can't look under his hood or kick his tires. You won't find videos of car dealers test crashing into walls at 30 miles an hour. San Diego Can we get a crossover vehicle that gets awesome gas mileage and it's fun to drive Mossy Neeson says. Retirement At one time it may have looked something like this, and planning for it wasn't very difficult. But that's all changed in just one year. Look how far we've come. Introducing the world's first luxury hybrid genuine hometown surface. Now, how often do you hear that line? We'll hear it. Rockport CITY Power Sports We believe in genuine hometown service. A Tennessee morning is a fine time to catch up on things with your neighbour. So we're more than just a bank. We're your neighbors. You believe the machine you said on can tell the world exactly where you stand? We don't care what anyone else believes.