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that way. Thieves American coach Story begins long before you step inside or get behind the wheel. It starts with innovative engineering, cutting edge construction techniques and a meticulous attention to detail. Beyond the sophisticated design and luxurious amenities that captivate the eye are the details that provide the foundation for an extraordinary RV experience. The iconic Liberty chassis is the foundation of every American coach. When constructing the Liberty chassis, we use Huck Bold fasteners because they're the most reliable, vibration resistant aerospace grade fasteners available. We decode the chassis bridge first for maximum durability and as an extra step, we undercoat underbody components for ultimate protection. The e coding process forms a strong barrier against corrosion stronger and more comprehensive than paint or powder coating. It's so tough we successfully put it through a demanding 1000 hours salt spray tests. But the testing doesn't end there. The Liberty Chassis has undergone the most rigorous durability testing in the industry along winding, unforgiving roads. When it comes to manufacturing the foundation upon which all of our motor coaches air built standard testing practices are just the beginning. When designing the Liberty chassis, we chose premium components that provide the greatest benefit to our owners. The ZF double wishbone independent front suspension is no exception. It's innovative Design allows a wheel cut of up to 60 degrees and ensures unmatched ride and handling for a supremely smooth driving experience and with world class Bendix Air disc brakes to stop you safely. It's just what you'd expect from American Coach the Liberty Chassis Bridges constructed using a high strength steel I beam design that's inherently stronger than typical, see channel designs. Beyond the evidence strength of the Liberty chassis, you'll find several convenience features, such as a one panel service center that provides easy access to filters and other components for convenient preventative maintenance and regular service. When you're on the road, we understand that every bit of storage space makes all the difference. That's why we built large, passed through storage compartments that allow you to bring along what you need for your adventures without compromising chassis strength. And instead of lining those storage areas with outdoor carpet, which is susceptible to mold and mildew, we use a pebble finish composite material, but it's durable and can be easily cleaned. An innovator foundation that provides a remarkable RV experience. It's all from American coach and our integrity, reputation and commitment to driving your passion