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Narration of The Bug Girl for ClearWaterKids Canada Reads foundation

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The first time I made friends with a bug, I was 2.5 years old. My mom took me to a butterfly conservatory which is like a zoo for butterflies. As soon as we got there, a butterfly perched on my shoulder, it flitted onto my hand and my foot, my elbow and my head, even my nose. It stayed with me the whole time we were there when it was time to go home, a guard stopped us at the door. I'm sorry Miss the butterfly has to stay here. He told me, say goodbye to the butterfly, said my mom, but it did not move carefully gently. The guard took the butterfly from my shoulder and after a moment away it flew, bye bye Butterfly. I said from that day on I was bug crazy. Other kids like storybooks. I like bug books. Other kids watch cat videos. I watched bug videos over and over and over. I noticed bugs everywhere I went.