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    Aspiring Artist Voices

    The aspiring artist is usually a young, hopeful and creative individual hoping to be recognized for their work, or be accepted as an artist. The aspiring artist is optimistic, anticipating the success of their works of art. An aspiring artist could be a singer, a writer, a dancer, a painter, an illustrator or other creative job. The aspiring artist may be shy, reserved, and introverted.

    The aspiring artist is dedicated to honing their abilities and usually not afraid to try new techniques. The aspiring artist is patient, and may be a perfectionist. The aspiring artist is also passionate about their work, pouring time and energy into it. He or she is also ambitious, and enthusiastic, often joining artists’ groups and enrolling in a program or specialized school for their chosen art. Artists take pride in their work, and happily show it to everyone interested.

    The aspiring artist is an aspiring artist either because they have not been recognized yet, but create art that deserves to be recognized, or because they need to grow more as an artist and be more flexible. The artist who needs to grow often rushes their work, ignores constructive criticism and does not learn new methods or styles to make their work more clean or appealing. They could also quit too early, only aspiring to be an artist instead of working to become one.

    The ways an aspiring artist may use their voice varies, mainly dependent on which form of art he or she has selected.

    A writer or poet may read their work aloud, either while writing or proofreading, to see how the words flow and whether or not the work sounds natural and sensible.

    The singer sings the words written to the tune of music, experimenting with different pitches. The composer may hum the tune to understand the notes or how they wish to arrange them.

    A painter, illustrator or sculptor may be quiet or comment on things as they work, and speak more when providing a deep and insightful description of their work to an audience. A voice actor may use his or her voice to create a voice that fits a role well. If you are an aspiring artist or wish to be one, don’t hesitate to show off your talent today.

    An aspiring artist voice can be a very specific read. Maybe you're looking for a witty, un filtered voice like a struggling folk singer, or perhaps an eccentric voice, like a successful poet. An aspiring artist voice can add to your cast of characters by being comedic relief or the voice that brings the mood way down. Take a gander through the world's largest selection on professional voice over actors on Voices