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This demo showcases Diana's skills as an audio tour guide.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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Now we're not sure whether this particular Buffalo hide flask belonged to Lewis or to Clark, but Smithsonian historians are confident that it was the drinking vessel of choice for one or the other. The two explorers are also present in our collection, in the form of dozens of pages of their journals and cartography, which have been preserved since they first crossed the mighty Mississippi. Welcome to the state Hermitage of ST Petersburg. This gloriously baroque blue and white structure was completed in 17 64 and over the next several centuries was the main residence of the czars. Is it test us or our celebrity marriages getting even shorter? Take Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, their marriage last, that are mere 72 days. Here at the Museum of Broken Relationships. We pay tribute to doomed romances and broken promises, and we take visitors on a journey exploring love, pain, drama, irony, humor on reconciliation. These premiers are on loan from the Rights Museum in Amsterdam. They are some of the Dutch masters earliest works and will be housed in this exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art until 2026 when they will move to the National Art Gallery in Washington, D. C. As we move closer to the ruin itself, we start to catch glimpses of ancient Athenian life through smaller excavations. It is not possible to step inside these settlements, but please feel free to approach the roped areas for pictures. Congratulations. You made it. Your life's dream has been fulfilled. You have entered the ivory gates of the Cup Noodles Museum created by Nissen. Pay your respects at the shrine of noodles on the cup noodles mascot. If you fail to bow, he will be offended and you will suffer the curse of the limp noodle.