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A VocalRangeRover Character Collection

Voice Over • Animation


Over the years I've given voice to countless characters. Here, say hello to just a few

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Australian, British, East Africa (Kenyan)


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you're not going to vegetarian for this is a story. An epic story? Yes. Epic. Good. I detectives. My name is Luke Galactus, a senior detective at the Melbourne Police Department. If you don't take your damn hands off me, you're going to end up with a size eight heel print in your face. Quiet! Now I'm one with the shadows. Stand back, Barnabas. What sorcery is this? Troll Magic. Super eating boils and bloody bones. It be the red wizard itself. I hope you can give me a good answer as to why I just kill that man. He killed my son, Jacob. He was only eight years old. The assassins comments were that Gandhi had finished his work. Oh, no. You're sitting on my beautiful white sofa and eating young lady. Are you trying to kill me? You are going to feel a degree of pain that no mortal man has ever felt relaxed. Mom, I got this. I'm not going to smack my mouth and splattered milk all over the sofa. Putting a spoonful of cereal in my mouth is easy. There's more to your business's success than just showing up, working hard and hoping for the best. Hello? Could I speak to Dennis Jones Speaking. Hey, Dennis, this is Officer Jacobs from the Chicago Organized Crime Unit. Gods. You talk a lot. Are you going to fight me? Yes, sir. It'll be great to do something operational so quickly in my old unit. They'd have you reading files for months first. Not that I want to be a complainer. No, no, no, no. My wards. I've come to for her to see your servant. The cash grant me glory. Well, why? You slam your bowl. You shouldn't do that. Say, was that in a little bro? You're good. My heart broke yesterday. I just wanted to bring you some breakfast before I left. We'll look at the picture first. I'm anxious to see it. Reading other people thought sometimes makes me feel normal. Thinking the same talk in the same behave in the same Louis. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Why the **** was this man so determined to keep me in his presence? Well, that's pretty simple, laddie. Be a lepre con. Just head back that way and turn right. Then head straight for about 20 k. And you should see a sign for the highway. As centuries passed, art and design have developed to become what we all know today.