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The Mario Bros. Show: The Two-Sided Story

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This is an episode from an audio drama series I made about the Super Mario Bros. This is one of the shorter episodes, but I think you'll really like it. This allows you to hear all the different kinds of voices I can do.

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the Mario bro. Show starring louis. Today's episode. The two sided story with guest star. Our story today begins with Princess Peach actually she's on her way. Quiet narrator. You're stealing my thunder. Well, thunder indeed! You must have got up on the wrong side of the bed, put a lid on it. Princess the listeners. Oh hi everybody. So I'm on my way to the Mario Rose home but they don't know I'm coming. I'm going to surprise them. Of course marco doesn't like surprises but but Luigi does except that one surprise birthday party we pulled on him but he loves birthdays. Omori doesn't like birthday. He can't cope with the fact that he's getting older. Which reminds me of when I was a narrator. Oh sorry, I must have dozed off. How rude. Well, I hope our listeners are still awake. This isn't going to be a boring episode, folks. Really? It isn't boring are you saying? I'm boring? Did I say that must have accidentally slipped out? We're just about there folks. What is that noise? It's coming from their home. Oh no, Mario Luigi. So peach runs to the Mario rose house to see what's going on, would you? Can it? Hey? It's my job. That explosion just blew a hole in their wall. Look what you did me. This was all your fault If it hadn't been for you. Obviously don't know what you're talking about guys, surprise. I can't stop it. What happened? It's a long story, Peach. No, it's not. Mario blew up the house. Why you wait, wait, I've got time. I came over here to surprise you guys. But I was the one who was surprised. So, start from the beginning. Well, it happened like this. I had just gotten up and was preparing for the day. What a beautiful day it is today! The sun is shining, the clouds are smiling. That must be Luigi. Good morning Luigi. What's so good about it, Luigi, dear brother. What's wrong? You have to ask. Look at these bloodshot eyes. I got hardly any sleep last night, you poor thing! I'll get you some eye drops. Forget the eye drops. I want some coffee. Ah, the aroma of that wonderful drink should be wrapping itself around your nostrils as it has already begun to brew. What is this poetry one? Oh one. Well, I'm just trying to lighten your spirit. My spirit is fine. On the other hand, my head is aching, my eyes are red. My back is quaking and my mustache itches you grumpy, red eyed monster. While your poetry is pathetic. I guess it was pointless of me to attempt to cheer up my grouchy brother. Anyone would become grouchy after hearing that terrible poetry. I'd like to hear you make poetry about coffee. I would never do anything so foolish. Did you hear that? Don't try to change the subject, by the way, is the coffee done? Oh, yes, I'll give some for you. Dear brother, hurry up. It is my hope that this drink will calm your nerves and soothe your taste buds. I can't take any more of this awful poetry? Give me that coffee, Luigi stop the coffee. Oh no, the coffee caught the plant on fire. This is your fault. My fault. You obviously made the coffee too strong. It was the new combustible flavor and that was supposed to make me feel better Luigi. Who put that box of matches on the coffee pot. How am I supposed to know the coffee pot still on? She's gonna blow hit the deck. Look what you did me. This was all your fault if it hadn't been for you. Well, you obviously don't know what you're talking about guys surprise and that is how it happened. Pete. Don't believe this liar for one second. That is not at all what happened? Oh, when I suppose you know exactly how it happened. Of course I do. I have an impeccable memory. This is what really happened. What a wonderful night of sleep I had. Good morning. Dear older brother Luigi, here's your coffee. Thank you. Um This looks like muddy water Mario. I think you made this coffee without the coffee part. Everybody's a critic. No, I'm not criticizing your coffee. I'm saying you didn't make it right. So I break my back plumbing. Nearly kill myself trying to save the princess a million times. Play tennis, Golf, Baseball, soccer, basketball. And through my own party throughout the year and you're telling me I can't make coffee. Sheesh! What happened to him Mario? You just need to relax. You've been under a lot of stress. Wait, no, you haven't. I think your coffee is wonderful. You are lying Now. If there is one thing this Luigi does not do, it's lie, stretched the truth a little, maybe a ha. You admit it, but you called it muddy water. Really Mario must we get so upset about such a little thing as coffee. My coffee is not a little thing. What was that? You listen to me, Mario, super Mario tackle. Oh, hey, how did that bucket of gasoline get there? I'll teach you to mark my coffee Mario. What good is this going to do? I'm going to teach you a lesson. Monte water, Luigi names don't hurt me unless they're mean names making fun of me. Super Mario. Fireball. No Mario, don't you see the bucket of hi yah, hit the deck, Look what you did me. This was all your fault If it hadn't been for you obviously don't know what you're talking about guys, surprise and that's how it really happened. Oh, please are you going to believe that ridiculous story pete, If you ask me, They're both ridiculous stories. That's right, wait a minute. They don't add up your stories are both radically different, but peach, you know me, I would never lie and I don't know the meaning of the word liar? It takes one to know one. Okay, that's enough. I'm going to get to the bottom of this. Good idea. Let's investigate. Well, there's definitely a big hole in your wall boy pinch. How did you discover that? Be quiet? Let's see. It is a mess in here. That's because Mario tackled me. No, you jumped on me. Hold it Mario. You said there was a box of matches on the coffee maker. That's right. Well I don't see any matches anywhere and your coffee maker is just fine. Ha lack of evidence proves you the liar sir. Hold it Luigi. I don't see a bucket of gasoline anywhere either, but it was right here. Well, looks like your pants are on fire now. Mr liar. You're going to be lying on the floor if you don't shut it. That's enough boys, I'm afraid. Neither of your stories seem to be true. But there is one thing that you both had in your story really? What's that? You both heard a strange sound and commented about it, remember? Oh yeah, I do remember a strange sound. I have no clue what it could have been. I wonder what it was. Guys over here. I'm a girl. Thank you. Okay guys. And girl, I'm only one guy brother. Would you look at this. The chocolate cake that was here this morning. It's all gone. Looks like someone ate it. You're right and the refrigerator is nearly empty. Oh no, that means someone's here. I'm scared. It feels like we're being watched. But this is only an audio drama peach, it must be aliens. The strange sound was their spaceship landing. They're going to eat us next. Would you calm down with great figure. The three wait to discover who is watching them narrator. I didn't know you were there. Oh yeah I came with the princess. Did you eat our food? No it's the aliens. I know it Luigi be sensible. Oh no. Behind you peach Bowser. Well if it isn't the Mario pose and princess peach Bowser I should have known you were behind this. You mean it's not aliens? Oh that's a relief Luigi. I mean Bowser, you monster. I enjoyed the cake and everything in the fridge. He's eating us out of house and home Bowser. You weren't supposed to be in this episode. I would have put your name in the credits. Cronies tie up the narrator. Wait you can't do that. Who will narrate the show? I'll narrate the show. Stop gag him too. What are you up to this time, Bowser? I came here to destroy the Mario bros. What a nice street did I get the princess too. And how do you intend on destroying us with this little device? Oh is that a three D. S. I want to get one of those. No it's not a gaming device with this thing. I can control your mind even making you see things that don't exist. Such as a box of matches or a bucket of gasoline. What? That can't be. I gotta get one of those you monster. But what about the explosion and the wall blowing up? That was real indeed. I simply flew above at the wall. But you only saw what I wanted you to see. Amazing. But how did you get that device? I had a certain Professor make it for me. It can't be Professor e Gad. That's right. He's been working on a mind manipulation device and when I heard about it I had a good idea to use it to destroy the Mario bros. It'll never work quick Luigi. Right, nice try. It's that weird sound. Fight it Mario. I can't. Now you are my slaves. You'll never get away with this Bowser, huh? How come she's not under my control? Oh, she's blood. She doesn't have enough brain waves for me to control. No matter Mario Luigi. Get the princess and bring her to me. Let's get her okay, wait guys, it's me. Stop. They only listen to me now. Oh, you monster. That's such a cliche, you beast. Ah, Music to my ears. Here she is. She's a square May one. Put her in the cooper copter. Oh, I can't believe this. And now to make my evil getaway. Oh yeah! The narrator's tied up so Bowser flies off in all his evil glory. Is this the end of the Mario bros Shut up, Princess, You can narrate. Well I just did. So don't stick your tongue out at me. You won't get away with this? But I already have. I finally won. The Mario bros. Are my slaves and Princess peach is all mine to never. You monster beast creature. Sorry, kids. But this episode doesn't have a happy ending. No. Oh, this is terrible. I have a bad feeling that Bowser has succeeded in controlling the Mario bros. Eugene. God, what have you done? We returned to Bowser to see him finally arriving at his base. I'm home. Oh no, you! Where's my wife? He took the kids out. My greatest triumph. And they're not here to see me wallow in my glory! Who would want to say that Mario and Luigi rub my feet as you wish. Yes, sir. Oh, I can't watch Princess. You want my feet to never, don't worry. It's only a matter of time. What are you talking about? Rub my feet? I'd rather commit suicide. Really? Well, maybe the quick and painless kind Maureen Luigi get the princess and bring her to me. Let's get her piece of cake. No. Stay back. Oh, I should have learned karate like Mario suggested. Come here. Hey! Not so rough. Move it. Oh yes, this way. Oh no, Princess. Now you will do what I say. Never then what's happening, Huh, Luigi Mario peach Professor. E Gadd Mario Luigi. Are we all acquainted? Now, Bowser. I was so close, Professor. What happened? Well, the device is powered by batteries. They ran out of juice. How could that be? You put those batteries in this morning? Yes, but they were old batteries. You double crosser. What are you talking about? You forced me to do this. Good job Professor. Well Bowser, we'll just have to kick your butt again. I'm not going down without a fight. Mario bros, Luigi. Let's do the super Mario bros tornado drill. Sounds good to me. Super Mario tornado drill. Hey, what's going on? When did you got to learn that attack? Woo. Alright, we're still the best team ever. I was so worried there for a minute. Sorry about all the trouble guys, Professor. We have you to thank. Yeah, you put those old batteries in the device. I thought of that at the last minute. Just lucky I guess. Well let's go home. This episode has a happy ending after all. Yeah, but the narrator still tied up. We'll just have to finish for him. This show made possible by rainstorm productions. Don't forget that the super Mario bros is actually owned by Nintendo. All voices were voiced by paul Robinson. Who's that? Thanks for listening. Everybody by long. Hey, what about the narrator? Oh just make sure we untie him for the next episode