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The Super Bore

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This is a funny skit I wrote and voiced that has two sports commentators talking about the Super Bowl, but it's the worst Super Bowl game ever, so they're struggling to stay interested. I think you'll find it very funny.

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Welcome to Super Bowl 85. I'm jim yell a lot and I'm tom talking much. We're here with you. Live to break down this exciting game play by play today. A historic game. The new Denton Pygmies versus the adjusting to an Wildcats. That's right. Funny how the mascots are natural enemies. But these teams have been hot all year. So I'm excited for this game. Yes, tom. I think it's going to be a thrilling game. The excitement begins right after these commercials. Welcome back to Super Bowl 85. We're about to have this game's opening kickoff. Looks like the Wildcats will be receiving the ball. We're all on the edge of our seats And the kick is off a good 40 yards or so Smith catches it and he's down at the 30. Here we go with the first play. The Wildcats offense is so incredible this year. That's right. Tom their quarterback, Justin hustler is an artist on the field. Okay, here we go, hustler moves back to pass and he's sacked. Unbelievable! What a way to start this game. Welcome back everyone! We're coming to the end of the first quarter and neither team has scored yet. Not even a field goal. Jim! I've seen more action from a little league game. Tom That's right. The Pygmies quarterback, sean Downer is preparing to pass and he launches it across the field. This could be our first touchdown. Oh no! The receiver fails to catch it and that's the end of the first quarter. We'll be right back. Welcome back to Super Bowl 85. It's the Pygmies versus the Wildcats and the score right now is 0 to 0. Very disappointing tom It is. Jim. The fans must be so frustrated that their teams are playing like a group of high school girls. So true. And the Wildcats are on the run. Wow, that was a 50 yard run. Hold it. Jim. There's a flag on the field. Oh, never mind folks. The ball is being walked back due to unsportsmanlike conduct. That foul is on Travis dumb Burt. Number 35. I don't believe this gym. He stuck his tongue out at one of the pygmy players. Tom I think I'd rather be watching little League right now And he didn't catch it. What a shocker. It's like all the receivers have forgotten how to catch. Jim. This is embarrassing. Score is still 0-0 and we've got a few seconds left in this half. Jim. It looks like the Wildcats coach is going home. He's exchanging some words with his assistant. Oh my, for more on this development. Let's go to Katie Mueller on the field. Katie! Yes, Tom This is unprecedented. Casey screamer. The head coach of the Wildcats is indeed leaving and going home. He stated that he would rather watch the Super Bowl commercials than to um, well, he used some language that would not be appropriate. The assistant coach will be taking over back to you tom. Thank you, Katie. This is crazy. Jim. Yes. Well, at least it's more exciting than the actual game. That's right. And that's the first half. We'll see you right after the halftime show folks. Unless you turn off the game for which we wouldn't blame you one bit. And welcome back tom. That was the worst halftime show I've ever seen. I agree. Jim If you missed it, folks, it was Michael boomer, A K. A trash man and true to his name. His show was trash. I'm missing N. C. I. S for this tom. I pity you jim. But we'll make it through this together. Oh sorry folks, we missed the first play but I don't think we care at this point. Nothing happened. The Pygmies are playing like, well Pygmies and the Wildcats are acting as though they are declawed and have lost their fangs. Hey, Larry, can you get me a hot latte? Thanks. I need some help so I can stay awake. Good idea. Oh my the Pygmies have fumbled the football. Let's see who gets it. Looks like they recovered it right where they dropped it. I should have known Jim. You know, that coach had the right idea when he went home, stay with us tom. This is a boring game, but we'll make it through. Thank you. Jim. Yes, that's a good friend. Well we'll be right back after this folks and welcome back. We're now in the fourth quarter. Still no score of Super Bowl 85 which tom has come to call the super bore. Yes, we're bored out of our minds here hopefully. Or at least enjoying the commercials at home. Look at this one tom. It's really funny. The one with the cat. Yeah, I've seen it so hilarious. Sorry folks, we forgot about the game. Another incomplete pass by the Pygmies. There's a nacho cheese dip commercial that I hear is really good. Right, what's that? Oh, I'm being told that Katie Moeller has another report for us down on the field, Katie. Yes. Jim. Not surprisingly many fans are leaving the stadium. We're being told that they are completely embarrassed by their teams, which both seem to be playing like quote little girls in junior high. Many other fans have stayed, but that's because they're sleeping. This is truly a historic game back to you. Jim. Thank you Katie. We've only got a few minutes left in the game and we're not sure if anyone will score. I'm betting they won't jim look at this iphone game I just downloaded. Well, that's cute. I love those addictive puzzle games. They're the best. And the Wildcats are preparing to kick a field goal. This will seal the game and also be the first points on the board. Yes, that would be nice at this point. No one cares who wins. We just want this game to end. Then the kick is good. Yay, the game is over. Jim and there's not much cheering going on mostly because everyone has left the stadium. Well there you have it folks. Super Bowl. Lady five A. K. A. The Super Bowl. Or how about the super snore? Good one, Jim. Thank you for joining us. Sorry about the game. I'm tom talking much and I'm jim, yell a lot. Good night.