How To Become A Successful Voice Actor

Voice actors are constantly attempting to answer the question, ‘How can I be more successful?’

While there’s no doubt that becoming a professional voice actor takes time, training and dedication, what ‘success’ actually looks like in practice is harder to quantify.

This report compiles survey data from voice actors and coaches around the world - along with’s internal data and in-house expertise - to illuminate what successful voice actors engage and invest in, in order to foster a thriving business.

Specifically, we examine how advanced voice actors operate their business in regards to:

Talent Development

  • Training/Coaching

  • What VO Coaches Do

  • Identifying the Right Coach

  • Online Voice Over Coaching

Home Recording Studio Tech

  • Home Studio Setup Needs

  • Microphones

  • Recording Software

  • Headphones

  • Other Home Studio Needs


  • Time Spent on Auditions

  • Number of Daily Auditions

  • Keys to Successful Voice Over Auditions

Marketing Strategies

  • Voice Actor Online Branding

  • Voice Actor Profile

  • Voice Actor Websites and Social Media

  • Voice Over Demos

  • Client and Voice Actor Referrals

  • Expanded Service Offerings


By highlighting these tried and true strategies and practices, as well as providing expert tips and tricks, this information aims to help every voice actor along their journey to achieve new levels of success.

Talent Development

Training & Coaching

Natural talent is a great starting point for anyone interested in a career in voice acting, however, the impact of training on the success of one’s career can be significant.

On alone, voice actors who list that they’ve received training:

  • Make 13% more on a job-per-job basis.

  • Book 21% more jobs

As a further testament to the importance of ongoing education, voice over coaches also put their money where their mouth is.


of coaches receive coaching themselves.

"I'm always sharpening my saw, I invest tens of thousands of dollars a year in my own training and education so I can bring the most up-to-date voice over marketing and business building methods to our students in a market that is always growing and changing." - Susan Berkley, Voice Over Actor and Coach

What Voice Over Coaches Do

Voice over coaches offer a wide range of services, including audio production education, demo production, accent training or reduction, character voice development, marketing your voice over services, and so much more.

However, coaches don’t only help voice actors with vocal technique; they also help with the technical and business side of the industry as well. Coaching is a tried and true way to gain the skills necessary to start and grow your voice over business.

Identifying the Right Vocal Coach

In order to achieve success with a coach, your training needs have to align with the coach’s expertise, and your styles need to mesh too. The best way to find your coaching ‘fit’ is to do a trial session or interview call, where you can get a feel for the instructor’s style and whether or not you really ‘click.’

"Even during an evaluation, you should be impressed by the coach's method and immediate results." - Bruce Carey, Voice Over Actor and Coach

Online Voice Over Coaching

Our digitally-connected era is allowing voice actors to access top voice coaches from all around the globe. Remote or online coaching offers the same benefits of working in-person, plus the added benefit of helping to strengthen students' level of comfort with using technology, which is an integral part of the industry.


of voice over coach survey respondents indicated that they offer online coaching.

"I think, in some cases, my students are uncomfortable with the technology involved with Skype or FaceTime, but that initial discomfort is usually overcome quite rapidly. Then, I find it is useful for my students, because so much auditioning involves working with technology now." - Ellie Devers, Professional Voice Over Actor & Coach