Video: How To Add Demos to Your Voice Actor Profile


Every day clients come to to hire talent for their voice-over projects. About 65% of clients post jobs publicly, and the rest of the time, clients search through our demo directory to privately invite talent to audition. It’s important to add and set your demos up well so that you come up in the right client searches.

Let’s go through how to add a demo to your profile!

First Things First

After logging into your account, click on Profile and then Demos.

Click on “Add a demo” to add a new demo to your profile. Here you’re going to click on “select an MP3 to upload”, then browse your computer files to find your MP3 demo file, choose the file and then click open to upload it. Fill in the rest of information on the page and click save.

You’ll start by giving it a title. It’s best to name your demo in a way that explains the type of read you are showcasing, like “Explainer” or “How-to Video”, “IVR/On-hold Messaging” or “Elearning tutorial” for example. Steer clear of generic naming, like “Demo 1, 2 or 3”, and also avoid Brand Names.  

Describing Your Demo

The description is a free form text field. It’s searchable for keyword searches so be sure to work in as many relevant keywords as possible. Think of all of the words someone might use when they’re searching for a voice talent. You’ll want to describe your voice with adjectives like friendly and professional and then describe the types of reads on your demo like commercial, corporate narration or audiobook.

Next, you’ll choose a Language. Keep in mind that when a client does a search on the site for a specific language, your demo will only show up for that exact language and no others, so if you would like to come up in a variety of different searches, you’ll want to have a variety of demos in different languages that showcase your multiple language abilities.

Next, we have the Accent category here. You can simply choose from the list of accents. You can either scroll through the list or you can start to type the name of the accent to get to it faster. The accents are named according to their location. If you live in the UK, type the specific country to find all of the accents to choose from. You can select up to 3 accents per demo.

Choose Tag words to describe the style of your read. You can select up to 10 styles. You’ll want to listen to your demo and choose words that describe every spot. When a client posts their job they can choose from these same lists of styles to describe the voice they’re looking for, so it’s important to choose these carefully. If the words that you choose match the words that the client chose when posting their job, you’ll get a higher VoiceMatch score for that job.

You’ll want to choose the Role that you’re performing in that demo. Does your demo showcase your girl-next-door performance, or are you playing a diva? You can choose up to 5 roles per demo.

Helpful Hints When Uploading Demos

As you’re adding accents and styles in roles you will notice the totals on the left. Please be sure to add as many as possible. This will help you to be found in a wider variety of searches and will also help you to see a higher VoiceMatch score for jobs that you’re best suited for.

When adding multiple demos try not to overlap your tag words. Some overlap is common, especially for popular tag words, but try to spread tag words out as much as possible so that you are visible across a greater number of searches. Clients also search these tag words in our directory, so if you have a wider variety of tag words, you’ll have a better chance at being found in our directory.

The most popular categories that jobs are posted in are; Business, Internet and Educational. If you have a demo that showcases all of your narration work, you might want to split it up into smaller spots. For example if you have just one demo that combines your corporate, telephony and elearning reads, you’ll want to split that longer demo into 3 separate demos so that you can upload each demo separately to their own categories. It’s best to have specific demos to better match to specific searches. Having shorter more targeted demos is really the way to go, especially for online casting. Most professional demos will be between 60-90 seconds, but you could split them up into smaller 20-30 samples if needed. Again, having a variety of demos in different categories will help your VoiceMatch score too. VoiceMatch is going to assume that you’re either more interested or more qualified for that category of work if you have a demo that shows it.

Last (But Not Least)!

The last thing you’ll do is choose the Age Range. What age range does this demo showcase?  If you can perform different voice ages, you’ll want to have separate demos to present your various voice ages. You can choose; child, teen, young adult, middle aged or senior. If you’re trying to decide between a couple of categories just know that the most popular category is middle aged, and then young adult. Keep in mind that these ranges are up for interpretation. Someone younger might think middle aged starts around 35, and another person could think middle aged goes all the way up to 65.

At the bottom you can choose if this will be your featured demo. Your featured demo will be the one that is at the top of your profile and will come up as your default demo in searches. Choose a demo that has popular styles of reads or that showcases the work you want to do most – your money read.

When you’re done just click Save.

Amazing Work!

You can easily change the order of your demos by clicking on this four sided arrow and sliding the demo up or down to move it to the position you want. After you’re done click update order at the top here to save the order.

Using these tips will help you to be found in our directory and to be well matched to job postings. Have fun adding more demos to your profile and booking more work with!


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