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How to Create a Great Voices.com Profile

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Note:  If you have a Voices.com guest profile, some of these tips may not apply to you, as some features are only available to paying members. If you’re interested in upgrading your Voices.com profile, it’s simple and easy!

Filling out Your Voices.com Profile

If you want to get started on the right foot in your voice acting career, filling out your profile on Voices.com is an important step. After all, the more accurate your profile information is, the more easily clients can find you when they search the site.  

Here are eight tips to help you make the most of your Voices.com profile, so it is professional and attractive to clients who are looking to hire.

1. Make Sure Your Voices.com Profile is 100% Complete

If your profile is only 85% complete and you think that’s pretty good, you should know why it’s so important to get your profile as close to 100% as you can. If you’re not sure how to find this information, it’s easy! Just head over to your account page and check out your profile score.

A complete profile is important because your profile pairs you with jobs. Specifically:

  • VoiceMatch helps send auditions to you based on how well your profile matches the job posting, so you get the opportunities you’re best suited for (and not, for example, the jobs requiring German talent, if you don’t speak German). There are 10 different categories of criteria that VoiceMatch looks for. In addition, the client sees auditions ranked by VoiceMatch score – not just audition order!
  • Clients will use the Voices.com search feature to find a voice actor with a specific sound, or who speaks a certain language, etc. So, it’s important for your profile to be fully filled out to include all of your attributes and skills. This will better your chances of being found. Be sure to add your accents and languages to your demos.
The top of the image is labelled MY HOME. Along the left side is a column labelled, in bold Statistics. Below that is a series of numbers with words under them. Below that is the number 84 with a percent symbol above the words Profile Complete. Next is the number 10 above the words Demo Uploaded. 425 is above the words Demo Listens. 0 is the number above the word Favorited. 3 is above the word likes. 38 is the number above open jobs. 2 is the number above payments received. To the right is a column labelled Find Voice Over Work. Under that is a symbol of a suitcase. To the right of that suitcase is the title Reply to Jobs. Below that, it elaborates - Perform online auditions for thousands of producers, directors and business executives. Below that is a silhouette of a head and shoulders. To the right of that symbol is the title Update My Profile. Below that is the description - Describe your voice, experience, and special skills so it’s easy for prospective clients to find you. Next, below that is a an icon of a microphone. To the right of that symbol is the title Add a New Demo. Below that is the description - Showcase samples of your voice talent by uploading custom demos. Below that is a logo similar to a wand with a small, star like image above the wand and two smaller star like images below the wand. To the right of that is the title Profile Wizard. Below that is the description - Use our simple completion wizard to help you fill in your public profile information. Finally, the title Get Help and Training is below. Under that heading is a symbol of two overlapping speech bubbles with the title Answers. Under that is the description - Ask a question and the community at Voices.com will provide you with an answer. Try Voices.com Answers out today.

2. Write Your Description in the Third Person

Doing this ensures that your profile reads more like a biography. It comes across more professional and is easier for clients to understand.

3. Be Strategic With The Words You Choose in Your Bio and Demo Descriptions  

Think of every section on your profile as an opportunity for a client to find you. This means it’s smart to do things like name drop clients you’ve worked with, and use adjectives in your bio and demo description. Demo descriptions are often overlooked, but if you aren’t properly tagging your demos, then you’re missing out! These are fields that are included when clients search.

4. Indicate the Geographic Zone Where You are Physically Located

Even though Voices.com provides you the opportunity to find work from clients around the world, it’s still important to let people know your location, as sometimes clients hire based on that information. This could be for accent or dialect reasons, time zone considerations or because they want to work with a talent in a local studio. But don’t worry, your home address isn’t required! Letting clients know where you are by citing the nearest metropolis is enough to help them, when it comes to their project requirements.

5. Make Sure You Have an Updated Profile Photo

While this is a hot topic in voice-over, having an up to date profile photo increases your chances of clients clicking on your profile (and possibly hiring you) over a logo alone. Having a photo of yourself is more personal, and it’s a great idea to have an awesome photo to help others promote you online.

6. Include Testimonials Related to Your Past Work

Regardless if your previous clients came through Voices.com or not, it’s beneficial to make sure that prospective clients know that other companies have worked with you, and that you have experience. As you start to accumulate more and more recognizable brands as past or current clients, make sure to update this too!

7. Keep Your Profile Up to Date with Changes

If you invest in new equipment, move, have new demos, work with a cool new client, or get fresh headshots done – make sure you let everyone know by including it in your profile!

8. Highlight Your Other Strengths

In addition to being a talented voice-over artist, it’s likely that you have some other amazing skills as well. For instance, you may offer copywriting, full production, or even translation. Don’t take these skills for granted or assume that they don’t relate to your voice over career. Clients appreciate when talent can offer additional services and they will pay a premium for the ease of keeping everything in one place.

If you want your clients on Voices.com to know what you can do, make sure to fill out the service description aspect of your profile. Here are some common additional services that professional voice actors may add to their profile, as a way to demonstrate that they can add extra value to potential clients:

  • Translation/Localization
  • Copywriting
  • Full production
  • Level of customer service (limited number of free edits, etc.)
  • Do you do directed sessions?
  • Do you have Source-Connect, ISDN, or ipDTL?

Ideally, when you are chosen for a job, the client knows exactly what you bring to the table; that way you are able to charge your full value.

Make The Most of Your Profile

Your Voices.com profile can be an integral part of your marketing strategy; if you haven’t filled it out in full, you could be missing out! Now is the time to fill out any missing information, optimize your descriptions, including your extra skills and make the most of this piece of your marketing strategy.

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